Better Late Than Never: First Blog Post!

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I'm Amy, and I'm the owner of Amy's Antique Attic! It's been a couple months since I launched my site, and I've been crazy busy with my local sales as well as with the site, so I'm a little behind on my blog posts. Better late than never, right??

I love unearthing vintage, antique, unique, and collectible treasures through my business, which I share with my mom. Every day is an adventure. Mommy and I never know what we'll find, and we're excited to share our discoveries with you on this site. We know you'll find the next addition to your collection or conversation piece of décor, plus so much more!

So sit back, relax, and feel free to poke around the store. I'm glad you're here, and I hope you love the items for sale as much as I love finding them for you! 


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